A personal note to you…

During this unpresidented time, we are all having to think on our feet and adapt to the unimaginable situation that we are currently in. You may have come across my page because you are planning ahead, and for that I want to thank you as both a small business owner, and an artist.

For supporting, for caring, for considering. 

You may also be visiting my website, because you are worried about losing a pet, or feel that time is of the essence in capturing those special moments before you. I want to offer you reassurance, and support. In a time when a lot of us look to our pets for comfort and warmth; it is not suprising that we can as a result be reminded of their importance in our lives. So as a fellow owner, who is being supported herself by two little cocker spaniels, I want to tell you

Don’t worry, there is still time to capture those moments, those memories.


  • Photoshoot Gift Vouchers available to purchase in time for Christmas.  

  • Socially distanced location photoshoots are still available. Face-masks, & gloves will be used throughout, along without social distancing. 

  • Studio photoshoots will be limited to 1 person attending per pet, & will be conducted in our open sided studio setting. 

Purchasing appointments are still available, but can be conducted remotely if you are isolating. 




  • Offering competitive prices to support your budget in the current climate, with extra support for artists & small business.
  • Payment plans, & finance options now available through third parties.


  • A new private community available to join, with regular networking zooms & safe – space idea discussion support from fellow artists, and small business owners. 

Consultations will be completed over zoom, with products sanitised before returning. 


  • Support during this time via an online Facebook group – Alice Loder Education.

  • Free 30 minute consultation call to discuss your current situation & any areas you are currently wanting some support with. 

  • 25% discount on all tuition packages for January 2021. 

Purchasing appointments are still available, but can be conducted remotely if you are isolating.