Wanting to provide an alternative to the well known quirky, cute pet portrait. British artist, Alice Loder began her artistic journey, exploring classic portraits of canines in 2015. Alice enjoys combining her fine art painting experience, with her photography to create images that have a surreal, painterly feel.

Fascinated by animal psychology, and their incredibly deep personalities, artist, and photographer Alice Loder specialises in creating unique fine art portraits of dogs and horses. She combines her passion for animal behaviour, human psychology and the effect that art can have on an audience to play with the idea of detachment, and constantly explores the idea of the viewer looking at the subject from an aesthetic point of view, quietly watching and appreciating the essence of these creatures and how humans have cultivated and refined them throughout history.

She successfully conveys the emotion and depth of expression that is unique to each animal, creating eye-catching and authentic images. Alice has photographed many animals over the years, but it is the constant reassuring kindness and lust for life that dogs have, that inspires her to photograph them over and over again.